Local authorities in North-Troms

We who live here, and you who are going to move here, appreciate freedom, space and a family-friendly environment.

North-Troms is the place for those with ambition, those who want to achieve something. Voluntary work is highly valued, and those who get involved will find they can easily make a big difference. Few other places give you such room for manoeuvre and such influence as here. You will be seen, warmly welcomed and enjoy excellent opportunities for career advancement in North-Troms.

The North-Troms region is located in the north of Troms County, on the border with Finnmark County and, in places, also with Finland and Sweden. The region comprises the six local authorities: Gàivuona/Kåfjord, Kvænangen, Lyngen, Nordreisa, Skjervøy and Storfjord.

Key figures

Area: 9,368 km2

Local authority administrative centres

Olderdalen, Burfjord, Lyngseidet, Storslett, Skjervøy, and Hatteng/Oteren.

Regional centre: Storslett

Maritime centre: Skjervøy


Airport: Sørkjosen Airport

Hurtigrute (coastal express service): Port of Skjervøy

Passenger ferry: Port of Skjervøy

Bus routes, also to Finland

Recent history

Nord-Troms was laid waste in 1944 as the withdrawing German occupation force implemented a scorched earth policy, burning almost everything to the ground and driving the local inhabitants from their homes. This dramatic wartime experience left deep scars, and largely explains why there are nowadays so few buildings and objects from before World War II. But as soon as the war was over the people returned and rebuilt what they had lost. Their determination showed that here was a community with enormous drive, resilience and a fierce love for their place of birth.

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