Financial advantages

Stay here, and watch your student loan shrink year by year!

Handler Foto: Omdømmeprosjektet
Photo: Omdømmeprosjektet

For every year you live and work in North-Troms, your student loan is written down by up to 10 per cent or NOK 25,000. The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund’s requirements must otherwise be met. The amount is forgiven in arears after 12 months’ residence and work in the region.

North-Troms is part of a special measures zone that offers several financial advantages to those who choose to establish businesses or settle here. The zone, which also includes Finnmark, was established in 1990 to encourage population growth in the country’s northern region. Today, the measures include incentives for both businesses and private individuals.

Forgiveness of your student loan is not the only advantage of moving to North-Troms. You also pay less income tax, electricity is cheaper, and businesses in certain sectors are exempt from employers’ national insurance contributions and electricity tax.

You don’t get benefits like this everywhere else in Norway!

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